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How much would you give to the course of raising nation giants that will in turn take over nations for Christ ? For your monetary commitment effects such a great impact in the realisation of this great vision


The Haven Nation Church and Our Dear Man of God, Pastor Tomiwa Oluyen is set to fulfil the mandate of raising nations giants, the great commission, winning the world in His mighty name and spreading the love of Christ

Partnering with THN Church today positions you to be making a difference in the lives of many across the world without seeing them physically 

Super exciting to know that many have been blessed and countless testimonies of God's faithfulness, abundant supply and the clear manifestation of undeniable exploits 

At THN Church, We believe that it is a privilege to serve the Lord during these exciting times with our partnership and unwavering commitment


Every THN Partner is a bonafide soul winner for the kingdom of God 



"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." - Matthew 24 verse 14




You can partner with Haven nation Inc by clicking the donate link below

We Love You and We Celebrate You



Our commitment to you as you partner with

THN Church is to:

1. Continually pray for you and seek the word of God 

concerning the vision for each season

2. Continually build you up in the word of God to 

become a nation giant that will take over nations for 


3. Ensure that as partners together, we spread the gospel

of Christ and His kingdom across nations

Your commitment to THN Church through your

partnership is to:

1. Continually pray for THN Church to be strategically

positioned to take over nations for Christ

2. Remain committed to support our initiatives including

our outreach programmes towards spreading the gospel,

impacting lives and raising nations giants

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Shared testimonies have the potential of multiplication and replication in other lives as the testimony of one is the prophecy of another

Since the inception of THN Partnership, there has been countless workings of miracles in the lives of our partners. We have seen the first hand help of God and mind blowing transformation in our finances, businesses and home.

A good place to say that partnering with God ignites open doors and another level of favor.

THN Partners have experienced God's grace in such an unusual dimension, You can as well enjoy this great grace as you first feed on the giants reports of other partners and make a partnership decision today

All Partnership Payment To THN Church Can Only Be Made Via The Donate Link

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